Dedicated hosting allows you to run applications, websites and business solutions on your own server - without any of the maintenance of on-site hardware. We'll take care of the hardware maintenance while you enjoy the benefits of a secure, remote and powerful online work environment. Because you are renting an entire server, your environment will be able to handle heavy congestion and load quickly.

Make things as simple or as complex as you like. Get full control of the operating system, programs you run, and the security measures you put in place. As with all our services, our dedicated hosting servers are right here in NZ - ensuring premium speed and quality for you.
Dedicated Plan
$ 299 /mo
  • Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon Processors
  • 1 Gbps network connection
  • Unlimited international bandwidth
  • 1 x 500GB SSD, 1 x 2TB HDD (configurable)
  • Full remote access (RDP/SSH and IPMI)
  • Premium professional support
  • Your choice of operating system
  • Multiple public IP addresses available
  • Hosted in New Zealand

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